The training carried out through this project is divided into two areas: Training for paraprofessionals & school personnel, and parents & guardians

Paraprofessionals & School Personnel

The training for Paraprofessionals & School Personnel focuses on the Social and Emotional Learning in Practice -A Toolkit of Practical Strategies and Resources book from the University of Minnesota Extension.

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) includes learning to be aware of and manage emotions, work well with others, and persevere when faced with challenges.

The purpose of this self-paced training is to provide practical tools, templates and activities that can be used to increase intentional practices what support SEL in the school system.

In order to participate in this training you need to have a copy of the Toolkit. You can order your free copy by filling out the order form.

This training is divided into four videos. Each video covers a section in the Toolkit. The areas are:

  • Equipping Staff
  • Creating the Learning Environment
  • Designing Impactful Learning Experiences
  • Using Data for Improvement

NOTE: The toolkit is designed primarily for those working with middle-school-aged youth, with slight modifications the activities are appropriate for other age groups.

Parents & Guardians

Parents and other trusted adults are a big influence in the choices their youth make.

The training for parents and guardians uses Teen Speak by Dr. Jennifer Salerno.

This training provides parents or other trusted adults strategies to communicate with youth as well as developmental information. The training consists in two components.

The components are:

  • Self-paced reading and workbook completed prior to workshops-4 hours
  • Attend or participate in four 1-hour workshops
  • NOTE: The training total time investment is 8 hours

In order to participate in this training please follow the next steps:

  • Register to attend the class (Remember to plan for time to do the self-paced work)
  • Order your free materials by filling out the order form
  • Attend the workshops

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 the interactive workshops will be carried via virtually until further notice.